Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order a box of assorted sweets?

Answer: Accommodating assorted sweets in the same box will not be possible either due to incompatibility of sizes or incompatibility of flavours, aromas, or shelf life - making the entire experience less than perfect for all products, which does not meet our standards.

2. Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Not yet, but we are working hard to make it possible very soon. Stay tuned.

3. Can I personalise or customise my bulk order?

Answer: We are happy to customise our packaging sleeves to accommodate your name/logo provided it adheres to our design language and standards

4. Can I sample your products before I place a bulk order?

Answer: Please get in touch with us at or 093210 76432. We do our best to accommodate your requests based on your specific requirements.

5. Can I buy mithai without tin boxes?

Answer: The tin boxes not only elevate the product experience to be premium, but are also essential to keeping the mithai well protected during shipping and maintaining the freshness for a longer duration. For these reasons, our products are sold only in the standard packaging that we have carefully designed.

6. Can I customise H&G mithai to accommodate my food preferences?

Answer: A lot goes into creating and standardizing recipes - it isn't as simple as swapping one ingredient for the other. The replacements could impact multiple aspects including taste, texture, form, nutritional value and shelf life of the product. Hence we do not customize for any food preferences or restrictions.

7. Can I change or cancel my order?

Answer: We always strive to ship the freshest products and frequently make them to order. So, once an order is confirmed, it cannot be changed or canceled as our products are perishable. If you would like to order additional products, please create a new order.